Best Tires For Honda Goldwing Gl1800 [Top 5 Choices] : Buying Guide

The Choosing the best tires for your Honda Goldwing GL1800 can be a difficult task. With so many different brands and types of tires available, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you.
In this article, we will discuss the different types of tires available for the Honda Goldwing GL1800, and we will recommend some of the best tires for this bike.

Top 5 Tires For Honda Goldwing Gl1800 :

1. Bridgestone Touring GL1800 Gold Wing Honda Rear Tire

Bridgestone Touring GL1800 Gold Wing Honda Rear Tire
1. Good grip and handling in dry and wet conditions.

2. Quality construction and materials.

3. Durable and long lasting.

4. Provides good stability and comfort.

5. Affordable price.

The Bridgestone Touring GL1800 Gold Wing Rear Tire was designed to provide high-performance handling and Griplink wet braking for Honda Gold Wing models. Featuring a tread pattern that is optimized for high-speed stability and Cornering Performance, this Bridgestone rear tire also has excellent wet grip and braking ability. Additionally, the sidewall is designed to resist flats and damages, making it a reliable rear tire choice for your Honda Gold Wing.

This is a great tire for anyone looking for a good touring rear tire. This tire provides good wet weather grip and long tread life thanks to its durable construction.

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2. Bridgestone Touring GL1800 Front Tire

Bridgestone Touring GL1800 Front Tire - G709 130/70R18
1. Durable and long lasting.

2. Provides stability and comfort.

3. Great for long rides.

4. Handles well in all weather conditions.

5. Affordable price.

There are a lot of things to love about the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing; its fuel economy, comfortable saddle, and storage capacity, just to name a few. But one of the bikes most popular features is its tires. Riders can choose from a variety of Bridgestone Touring GL1800 front tires that deliver great performance and handling in a variety of conditions.

It is a great option for those looking for a tire that can handle a variety of road surfaces. This tire has a long tread life, which means you can go longer between tire changes, and its silica-based compound helps it grip the road in wet or dry conditions. It is also designed to reduce road noise, so you can enjoy your ride even more.

If you’re looking for a great all-around touring front tire, the GL800 is a great option. It delivers the performance and handling you need while keeping you comfortable on those long rides.

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3.The Bridgestone Exedra Max Front Motorcycle Radial Tire

Bridgestone Exedra Max Front Motorcycle Radial Tire - 130/70R18 63W
1. Has a long tread life.
2. Has good cornering capabilities.
3. Handles wet and icy conditions well.
4. Durable.
5. Has a smooth ride.

Bridgestone’s Exedra Max front motorcycle radial tire is designed to provide riders with high performance and durability. The tire is constructed with a 0 degree steel belt to provide stability and durability, while the zigzag grooves reduce irregular wear and help to provide better grip on wet roads. Additionally, the compound is made with Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech polymer which enhances wet traction and wear resistance.

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4. Dunlop Elite 4 – Radial – 180 or 60R16

1. Durable and long lasting

2. Low rolling resistance

3. Precise steering

4. Excellent grip

5. Improved fuel economy

The Dunlop Elite 4 radial is a great choice for a sport bike or cruiser. This tire offers good handling, stability, and a comfortable ride. The Elite 4 is also durable and has a long life.

The Dunlop Elite 4 provides a great riding experience and performs well in a variety of conditions. They offer great grip and handling, and provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The Elite 4 tires are a great choice for riders who are looking for a versatile and reliable tire.

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5. BRIDGESTONE Tire Exedra G704 180 or 60R16 Blackwall

1. Has a good reputation.

2. High quality and durable.

3. Made to perform well in a variety of conditions.

4. Reliable brand.

5. Provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Bridgestone Exedra G704 motorcycle tires are made for cruiser and touring bikes. The tire has a carcass designed to provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The Exedra G704 also has a long wear life, good grip in wet and dry conditions, and is resistant to chunking and cracking.

It is a great tire for touring and sport riding. This tire has a good balance of wet and dry grip, and it’s stable in corners. It also has a long life span.

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Factors to consider before buying Tires For Honda Goldwing Gl1800

There are many factors to consider when buying Tires For Honda Goldwing Gl1800, such as the type of terrain your ride travels, the speed and driving conditions, and the type of tire you choose for your vehicle.

The following points will help you make the right choice:


Your primary goal should be to get the best tires possible to protect and improve traction, safety, and control of the vehicle on the road.


The tread pattern of a tire plays a huge role in how well it performs, as well as how much traction and control you get while driving. Look for a tread pattern that has a lot of depth and provides excellent grip, as well as good wear resistance.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider, especially if you frequently drive off-road or travel on rough roads. Look for a tread pattern that provides good wet and dry traction, as well as a wide tread profile to maximize contact with the road.


Choose a tire that’s safe, stable, and comfortable for you to drive on.


If you have the option, choose a tire that has more flexibility, as this will improve handling of your ride on the road.


As mentioned above, if you frequently drive off-road or drive at higher speeds, consider a tire with a larger, higher-profile tread pattern for better traction, stability, and control.


Look for a tire with a higher density, as this will help provide longer tread life.


Look for a tire that’s well built with quality materials.


Consider a tire with high durability and strength, as this will improve performance over time.

Wear Resistance

For the most part, a tire with a lower sidewall thickness is going to be a better tire, as it’s going to last longer and provide more grip.


Always opt for a tire that’s made by a reputable manufacturer and has a high-quality construction.


Always buy a tire that comes with a warranty, as this will ensure you get quality service and support when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do tires last on GoldWing?

It depends on how often you ride, and the road conditions, but the best estimate is that you should expect the average tire to last around 40,000-50,000 miles. This varies from rider to rider, and the terrain.

How much are tires for a GoldWing?

Tires are priced based on their material, type, quality, and brand. You should consult with an automotive service specialist to know the exact price of a tire, before purchasing them. The average price of tires for a GoldWing is about $180-$400 depending on the type of wheels you have and the brand. You should expect to pay more if you have custom rims.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what are the best tires for a Honda Goldwing GL1800. Some factors that will affect your decision include the type of riding you do, the climate you live in, and the condition of your current tires. However, some general recommendations can be made. Sportier riders may prefer a more aggressive tread pattern, while those who ride primarily on the open road may prefer a touring tire. If you live in a climate with severe weather conditions, you’ll want a tire that can handle icy or snowy roads.

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