How to Start a Car Engine a Without Battery

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when your car won’t start and you don’t know why. There are a few reasons why your car may not start, but one of the most common is because the battery is dead. If you’re ever in this situation, don’t panic – there are a few ways to start your car without using the battery.

How to Start a Car Engine Without a Battery

If you need to start the car engine but the battery is dead then you can use jumper cables and a 9V battery instead of a car battery. However if you are in any kind of trouble such as if the engine has broken down and you are stranded on the road or if the battery is missing then you need to know how to start a car without a car battery.

The first thing to do is to check that there is no spark plug problem. You can do this by removing the spark plugs, cleaning them with a wire brush and checking that the gap between the plug and the cylinder head is less than half an inch. If the gap is over half an inch then replace the plugs.

Next you need to check that the oil level is correct. Check that there are no leaks. The engine should not run dry but if it does then add oil until the oil level is right. Check the oil filter for blockage. Replace the filter if necessary and then put in new oil.

Next, check that the air filter is clean and that there are no blockages in the carburettor and that the choke is set correctly. Then check that the radiator cap is tight. Finally, make sure that the exhaust pipe is clear.

If you have checked everything and there are no problems, the next step is to turn the key in the ignition and then press the starter button. If the car does not start then the car has either a faulty starter or the battery is dead. It may also be that the starter motor is bad or has been damaged by excessive use.

If you have a battery-powered electric starter motor you need to remove the starter motor cover and remove the screws holding it in place. Now take off the switch plate cover and remove the wiring and the fuse holder. Check the fuses and if you can’t find the fuse for the starter motor check the fuse box for any spare fuses. Check that all of the wires are connected firmly. Make sure that there are no shorts and then put back on the starter motor cover. Now turn the key and the starter motor should start the car. If it does not then replace the starter motor.

Although this may be true, it is possible that the starter motor has just not been turned on for a while and needs to be re-energised.

Final Words

In conclusion, starting a car engine without a battery is possible but it is not recommended. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest way is to use a jumper cable. Be sure to follow the safety precautions when using jumper cables, and always have a back-up plan in case of emergencies.

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