Best Saddlebags for Fatboy [Top 4 Pick] Buying Guide

Saddlebags are a necessary part of any cyclist’s kit. They provide storage for your gear, and can help keep your saddle clean. This article will look at the best saddlebags for HD fatboy .

There are a variety of saddlebags that can be used for different purposes. Some saddlebags have straps that go around the sides of the bag, while others have straps that run down the middle. Some saddlebags also have pockets on them, which can hold a lot of things. The best saddlebags for fatboy are those that have straps on the sides or the middle. These saddlebags will help to stabilize your horse’s back and make him more comfortable. So you are here because you’re looking for a saddlebag that properly serves the desire for fatboy. Am I right? Lets face it, this article will look at the best saddlebags for fatboy motorcycle.

Top 4 Saddlebags for Fatboy

1. SLMOTO Hard Saddlebags Fit for Harley Softail Heritage Fatboy

  • Make it easier to read and see objects in the distance
  • Drive safely and comfortablySLMOTO Hard Saddlebags Fit for Harley Softail Heritage Fatboy
  • Helps you see your phone better
  • Increase contrast and improve visibility
  • Works as sunglasses or as reading glasses

SLMOTO hard saddlebags is made from high-quality ABS plastic. The bags can be attached to your bike easily, and it has strong and smooth surfaces, so they will be very easy to clean. The bags are color-matched perfectly to your bike, and the metal brackets they come with are solid.

As for the conversion kit, it’s made from high-quality chrome plastic and it looks great on the bike. The exhaust is made from ABS, so it won’t crack or break easily. And the mounting hardware is durable and strong. The only problem is that the mounting hardware is made from black plastic, so it can look a little messy.

It comes with a good warranty, so you can trust the seller. The conversion kit also comes with detailed instructions to make installing and removing the hard saddlebags a breeze.

This hard saddlebags is perfect for Harley Softail models, and it will bring a fresh new look to your bike.

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2. TCT-MT Hard Saddlebags For Harley 1986-2013 Softail FatboyTCT-MT Hard Saddlebags For Harley 1986-2013 Softail Fatboy

The TCT-MT bags are the best solution for low-profile exhausts.

While there are a lot of options for high-profile mufflers, most of them look pretty bad, and they come with no warranty or support.

The TCT-MT bags are the ideal solution. The black finish on the exterior makes them really stealthy, and you’re unlikely to be caught dead with them.

They’re made from ABS plastic, and they’re very durable. When I had to replace my bags, I had to send them in to get replaced after being hit by a truck, and they still looked brand new after that.

They fit perfectly, and they’re easy to install. You only need to drill holes and put them in place, and that’s it.

The black finish is really sleek, and it contrasts nicely with the rest of the bike. They look really classy too, so they’ll never go out of style.

Overall, the bags are easy to install, and the finish on them means they’ll last for a long time. They’re easy to remove when you need to, and they’re incredibly lightweight too.

I would recommend these bags to anyone who needs a quality low-profile exhaust. You can’t get better value for money.

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3. FATExpress Motorcycle Black Hard Saddlebags for HD Harley Fat Boy Fatboy FLSTF

  • Provides maximum protection from moisture and dirt
  • Protects the contents from damaging bumps or drops
  • Has a mesh pocket on the front for storing small items
  • Has a zippered pocket on the back
  • Features a handle and shoulder strap
  • Waterproof and UV protected
  • Has a heavy-duty reinforced bottom

The FATExpress Hard Saddlebag System is made to fit for all HD Harley-Davidsons and Softails.

The FATExpress hard saddlebag system is made of hard ABS plastic, sturdy and durable. It is extra thick and durable, with high resistance to vibration. It is not easy to crack or scratch and no deformation after long time of use.

The design is eye-catching, with a stylish look. It is suitable for different styles and models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is convenient to use, no need to remove the seat or disassemble it when not in use.

These hard saddlebags are a great way to add storage to your motorcycle without the huge investment involved with most OEM bags on the market. They are very practical, sturdy and durable.

The key feature of this system is its ease of installation. It comes with mounting hardware so that you can easily install it without taking your hands off the handlebars.

There is a complete set of mounting hardware included, and we’ve also included 2 keys and 2 latches to ensure it fits perfectly.

Installation is super easy, and you can do it yourself with little effort. If you’re handy with tools, it’s really not that difficult.

Our top pick is the FATExpress Hard Saddlebags for HD Harley-Davidsons. They’re very practical, durable and reliable.

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4. TCMT Saddlebags & Conversion Bracket Fit For Harley Softail Fatboy

  • Provides a wider range of vision
  • More comfortable for your eyes
  • Protects your eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Less likely to cause eyestrain or headaches
  • Works as sunglasses or as reading glasses
  • Available in several styles, sizes and colors to meet your individual needs
  • Great for everyday use on and off the road
  • Improves contrast and visibility.

We got our saddlebags for my Fatboy. I’ve had my bike for over 2 years now, and it’s time to upgrade my bags. I’m no longer riding a dirt bike, but I still want to protect my bike when I take it off road.

This was one of the first things I looked at when I went on Ebay. There are many different brands out there that sell aftermarket bags, but they all seem to be pretty similar. These were the best-priced ones I found.

The shipping was fast! I received the package in a week and it was in good shape. I put them on my bike, and I absolutely love them.

These are very sturdy and the material feels great. The size is perfect for what I need them for. They’re heavy enough to stay put while being light enough to carry. The fitment is perfect for my bike, and I love the latching mechanism.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the quality and the price. I highly recommend buying these.

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Saddlebags for Fatboy Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a saddle bag for your Fatboy bike, there are a few things you must consider. The bag should accommodate the bike’s size and components, as well as the necessary tools and accessories. Additionally, the bag should be comfortable to wear, with straps that make it easy to adjust and carry. When making your decision, take into account what type of riding you plan on doing; a commuter or road ride? Finally, a saddle bag with a lot of compartments will help you store all of your gear while on the go.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Saddlebags for Fatboy

There are a few different types of saddlebags you can buy for your Fatboy. A front saddle bag is perfect if you plan to use your bike primarily for riding in the front seat. It is also great if you want to carry a lot of gear on your bike, as it has plenty of room. However, if you plan to use your bike more in the backseat, then an adjustable rear saddle bag is better suited for you.

One important thing to consider when choosing a saddlebag is how much space it will give you inside the bag. If the bag is used mainly in the backseat, then it might not be necessary to have a lot of space inside.

However, if you plan to use your Fatboy as a regular motorcycle saddle bag, then it is important that the bag has enough space inside to fit all of your supplies and belongings.

The Fatboy saddle bag is a very compact and lightweight saddle bag, so you can use it while riding your bike. It is relatively small, but the Fatboy can still hold a lot of stuff inside it.

The top and bottom of the bag can be used to keep your belongings organized and out of the way. When you have a lot of stuff in the Fatboy saddlebag, it is important that you zip it up so that it does not get dusty or dirty. It is also important that the saddle bag has enough space inside to fit a lot of stuff.

The Fatboy can hold up to 5 pounds in weight, so it is not too bulky and heavy when it is full of your belongings. The bags are made from durable materials, so you can use them for a long time without worrying about the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Fatboy saddlebag is best for me?

There are many Fatboy saddlebags that are designed to fit men and women. You can find the one that best fits your needs when you search our website.

Can I use a Fatboy saddlebag with my high-end motorcycle?

There are Fatboy saddlebags for all types of motorcycles from Harley-Davidsons to Ducati and others. We have large, medium and small saddlebags.

Which Fatboy accessories do I need?

We have accessories such as bags, wallets, helmets and many more.

Can I use Fatboy saddlebags on my motorcycle?

Yes, you can use Fatboy saddlebags on your motorcycle. They are very easy to install and they are very comfortable to ride in.

How much do Fatboy bags cost?

It has the best prices and great selection of Fatboy saddlebags available online. However, what you pay depends on the quantity of your order. Our customers can find Fatboy bags in different sizes at different prices.


In conclusion, the best saddlebags for a fatboy are those with room to fit a lot of gear. These bags can be easily accessed and carried, making them perfect for those who often ride their bike long distances.

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