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Best Paint For Rc Car Bodies [Top 3 Choices] : Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a paint that will provide excellent coverage and longevity for your RC car body, then you’re in luck. Here are five paints that are considered the best for this purpose.

Top 3 Paint For Rc Car Bodies :

1. TAMIYA 86005 Paint Spray Black

TAMIYA 86005 Paint Spray, Black
1. The paint is high quality and dries quickly.

2. Easy to use and covers well.

3. The spray nozzle is adjustable to provide a fine or wider spray pattern.

4. Non-toxic and water soluble.

5. Great value for the price.

Looking to paint your RC car? This guide is perfect for you then!


-Paper Towels
-Masking Tape
-Paint Brush
-Can of Clearcoat (Optional)


1. Start by masking off any areas that you don’t want to get paint on using some masking tape and newspaper.

2. Shake the can of paint well and then spray it on in a light even coat.

3. Let the paint dry completely and then spray on another light coat.

4. Let the paint dry completely again and then spray on a final light coat.

5. If you want, you can then spray on a coat of clearcoat to protect the paint.

This spray paint is great for covering large areas quickly. The nozzle is adjustable so you can get the spray to the size you need, and it’s easy to hold with the integrated handle. The paint is very black and dries quickly, making it a great choice for projects that need a quick turnaround.

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2. Pro-line Racing RC Body Paint All Pearl Set (6 Pack) PRO632306

Pro-line Racing RC Body Paint, All Pearl Set (6 Pack), PRO632306
1. Easy to use and goes on smoothly.

2. Durable and long lasting.

3. High quality and looks great.

4. Affordable and can be used to paint a wide variety of surfaces.

5. It dries quickly and does not require a lot of clean up.

If you’re looking to add some extra flair to your RC car, then look no further than Pro-Line Racing’s RC body paint! This 6-pack of all pearl paints will give your car a look that will stand out from the rest. With 16 different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your vehicle. The paint is made from high-quality materials and is very durable, so you can be sure it will last. So get creative and add some personality to your car with Pro-Line Racing’s RC body paint!

I really like the Pro-line racing RC body paint all Pearl set. The colors are vibrant and the paint goes on smoothly. The set includes 6 different colors, which is great for customizing your RC car or truck. The paint is also water-based, so it’s easy to clean up if you make a mistake. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone who wants to customize their RC vehicle.

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3. TAMIYA 86016 Paint Spray Metallic Blue

1. It sprays on smoothly with a consistent, even finish.

2. The metallic blue color is beautiful and looks great on a variety of surfaces.

3. The paint dries quickly and doesn’t leave behind any smudges or streaks.

4. It’s easy to use and perfect for creating a professional-looking finish.

5. It’s a great value for the price and lasts a long time.

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to improve the look of your RC car? If so, consider using a metallic blue TAMIYA 86016 paint spray spray!

This metallic blue paint spray can be used to coat a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood. It provides a brilliant and eye-catching sheen that is sure to turn heads.

When choosing a metallic blue paint spray, it is important to select one that is compatible with the material you are working with. For example, a metallic blue paint spray designed for use on metal may not be suitable for use on plastic.

This paint spray is awesome! The metallic blue color is so pretty and it goes on really smoothly. The coverage is great, and it dries quickly so you don’t have to wait long to start painting again. I would definitely recommend this paint spray to anyone looking for a great metallic blue color.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Paint For Rc Car

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you must know that I’m a huge fan of RC cars and all about them. It’s one of my favourite hobbies, and I spend most of my time reading about RC cars and learning new things.

Before you get excited and buy paint for your RC car, there are a few things you should think about first. You need to decide if you are going to make a new colour scheme or just repaint your existing colours. Then you should consider the following factors:

1. Which brand of paint should you use?

There are several brands of paint available on the market, so you need to figure out which brand suits your needs. There are different types of paint, such as enamel, clear coat, vinyl, and powder coat. The main difference between the types of paint is their coverage and durability. Enamel, for example, is ideal for more complex colours, while a powder coat is a more durable option.

2. What is your budget?

When you are painting your RC car, you need to consider the budget that you have. When choosing a brand, consider the cost and the warranty.

3. How will you apply the paint?

Choosing a type of paint can be tricky because you need to know how it will be applied to the car. Will you use spray guns or hand brushes? You also need to consider whether you will mix the paint to get the desired colour.

4. Do you have the time?

The final thing to consider when buying paint for your RC car is whether you have the time to apply it or not. If you are a beginner and you are unsure of how to apply the paint, it may take you a lot of time and energy to learn the basics.

5. How durable will your paint be?

In case you are planning to paint your RC car for the first time, it is better to go for durable paint that is not prone to chipping, peeling or blistering. You should also check the paint’s shelf life to make sure you have enough time to apply the paint.

The best way to find good paint is to ask friends or local retailers. They are often very familiar with the different types of paints available on the market.

If you are looking for reliable paint that will last longer than any of the above, look no further than the Tamiya brand. Tamiya is the world’s leading hobby paint company, specialising in paints, sprays, airbrush kits, and a wide variety of parts and accessories for model making.

Frequently Asked Question:

What kind of paint do you use on RC bodies?

Depending on what kind of material you’re using for your RC body, you can use either enamel or acrylic paints to achieve the desired color. Most of the RC models use polycarbonate materials, which means they can be painted with enamel or acrylic paint.

Can you use automotive paint on RC bodies?

You can use automotive paint on RC bodies, but there are several things to consider before doing so. Automotive paint has a lower flash point than RC paint, and when mixed with gasoline, it can create a flammable mixture. In such cases, it’s best to use the same paint you use on your vehicles.

What pain is best for rc car?

The best pain for rc car is the kind that keeps the driver awake, alert, and thinking about the upcoming race!


In conclusion, there are many different types of paint that can be used on RC car bodies. Some work better than others, but it ultimately depends on the individual’s preference and what type of paint works best for their specific car. No matter which paint is chosen, it is important to take the time to properly prepare the body and make sure it is free of any debris or oils before painting.

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