Best Paddle Tires For Rzr 1000 Turbo [Top 5 Choices] : Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best paddle tires for your RZR 1000 turbo? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best options on the market and discuss the benefits of each. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right set of tires for your needs.

Top 5 Paddle Tires For Rzr 1000 Turbo :

1. Traxxas 5891 SCT Wheels SS Black Satin Paddle Tires

Traxxas 5891 SCT Wheels SS Black Satin Paddle Tires
1. Very durable.

2. Great traction.

3. Easy to install.

4. Look great.

5. Affordable.

In recent years Traxxas has been on the forefront of the Short Course Truck (SCT) market. They have released several versions of their iconic Slash and Stampede trucks, as well as the Bigfoot, and they continue to innovate with products like the X-Maxx. One area where Traxxas has been a little slower to adopt change is in the wheel and tire department. While there have been some small changes over the years, the look and feel of the wheels and tires has remained largely the same. With the 5891 SCT Wheels and SS Black Satin Paddle Tires, Traxxas has finally embraced the modern wheel and tire design.

The 5891 SCT Wheels are a 5-spoke, beadlock style wheel that come in black satin finish. The wheel is 12mm hex drive and fits the standard 3.8 size tires. These are also a 5-spoke design, but with a paddle style tread. The tires are specifically designed for off-road running, and are compatible with all current Traxxas SCT trucks.

If you are looking for a set of tough paddle tires for your Traxxas SCT, then these Paddle Tires from Traxxas are a great option. They are made from durable rubber, and they have a deep tread that provides excellent traction in a variety of conditions. They also come with black satin wheels, which look great on any truck.

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2. The Traxxas 3776 2.8′ Pre-Mounted Paddle Tires

Traxxas 3776 2.8
1. Look great and make your truck look fast.
2. Well-made and durable.
3. Provide good traction and handling.
4. Easy to install.
5. Affordable.

Are you looking for a great set of paddle tires for your Traxxas vehicle? Then check out these Traxxas Pre-Mounted Paddle Tires! These tires will provide you with great traction and performance on any terrain, and the all-star rear wheels make them easy to install. So get yourself a set of these Traxxas Pre-Mounted Paddle Tires today, and see the difference they can make!

Watch your speed and don’t flip while you’re on the water with these Traxxas paddle tires pre-mounted on All-Star rear wheels. These heavy-duty paddle tires are specially designed for maximum stability and control on water, making your 3rd person experience more enjoyable.

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3. Traxxas 8475 Desert Racer Wheels with Paddle Tires

Traxxas 8475 Desert Racer Wheels with Paddle Tires, Black
1. Perfect for off-road racing or bashing.

2. Made of high-quality materials and construction, ensuring durability.

3. Provide good traction and grip for extreme terrain.

4. Easy to install and remove.

5. Great value for the price.

These Traxxas 8475 desert racer wheels with paddle tires are the perfect upgrade for your Traxxas vehicle. The paddle tires offer superior grip and traction in all types of terrain, while the black wheels add a sleek, custom look to your ride.

The tires are designed to grip the track and give you better control while driving. The black wheels look great on any color RC car or truck.

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4. ProLine 1010110 Sling Shot 2.2 Sand Tires Mounted On Desperado Wheels

1. Offer good performance in a variety of terrains.

2. They are durable and long lasting.

3. The tires are easy to mount and work well with a variety of vehicles.

4. They provide good traction and handling in sand and other off-road conditions.

5. They are an affordable option for those looking for quality off-road tires.

Looking for a durable and performance oriented 2.2 sand tires? Look no further than ProLines 1010110 Sling Shot 2.2 tires! These tires are mounted on Desperado wheels for an unbeatable combo. It is designed to provide stability and cornering grip, while the stepped lug design provides extreme traction and long wear. Whether you’re hitting the dunes or just bashing in the backyard, the ProLine Sling Shot 2.2 tires will have you covered!

When you first get these tires, you will be blown away by the grip and feel. They are extremely smooth and provide great traction even in the thickest sand. The sidewalls are very soft, so if you’re looking for a tire that will help you “boom” through the sand, then these are not the tires for you.

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5. Proline 1014613 Sling Shot Tires (2) Mounted On Impulse Pro

1. Provide great traction and handling on a wide variety of surfaces.

2. Strong and durable, and mount securely onto the vehicle.

3. Provide an aggressive, off-road look for your X-Maxx.

4. Easy to install and perform well right out of the box.

5. The combination of the Pro-Loc Sling Shot MX43 tires and Impulse .

Proline Tires are mounted on Impulse Pro-Loc Wheels. These tires provide superior traction and are perfect for your X-Maxx. The Pro-Loc Wheels provide durability and rigidity, while the MX43 tires provide unbeatable traction on any surface.

This wheel and tire combo will work on the Traxxas X-Maxx Monster Truck. The Sling Shot MX43 Pro-Loc Tire has a tread pattern that is optimized for maximum forward grip on hard surfaces and provides stability when braking. It is a strong and lightweight wheel that fits on all 12mm hex hubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are paddle tires worth it?

Paddle tires, also known as pneumatic tires, are worth it in most cases, but it depends on your budget and personal needs. Some models of tires come with better traction and a smoother ride, while others offer a softer ride and increased durability. If you want a cushioned and safe ride, then consider a model with larger inner tubes. On the other hand, if you prefer a smoother, noiseless ride, then choose a tire with a low profile.

What size tires can I put on my RZR 1000?

You can fit up to 32″ tires on your RZR1000. For a quick reference, the rear wheels in the RZR1000 are 22 inches wide. The tires that come with your RZR1000 have a width of 20.5 inches. So you need to get two of them, one in each wheel.

What PSI should my RZR paddles be?

You can set the PSI to 4 in the back and 5 in the front as it won’t matter for a one person kayak. As per the weight of the kayak, the water level will vary depending on the size of the boat. So, the PSI should be set to whatever suits you.

What is the best Paddle Tires For Rzr 1000 Turbo?

Paddle tires have been developed specifically for vehicles like your RZR 1000, and the best option is a Traxxas 5891 SCT Wheel. The tread design of these wheels are made to handle the traction and speed required for the vehicle, and they feature a raised center which allows the tire to stick better to the track.


There are a few things to consider when purchasing paddle tires for your RZR 1000 turbo. Price, size, and brand are all important factors to look at.

After reviewing the available options, it is clear that the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires are the best option for most consumers.

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