Paddle Tires for Can Am X3 [Top 3 Pick]

When looking to buy a new set of paddle tires for your Can-Am x3, you may be, depending on the type of surface you are using. If you use a hard surface such as asphalt, you should choose either rubber or synthetic. If you use a more forgiving surface like gravel, you can choose either a puncture-resistant or durable tire. However, it is ultimately important to find the best pair of paddle tires for your Can-Am x3 before purchasing them.
Here I have compiled a list of top paddle tires for Can-Am x3 available on the market today.

1. CST Sandblast Tire Paddle Rear for Can-Am Maverick X3

2. Tusk Sand Lite® Rear Paddle Tire For CAN-AM Maverick X3

1. CST Sandblast Tire Paddle Rear for Can-Am Maverick X3

If you’re looking for a sand-specific tire with more traction, this is the tire for you. It’s made specifically for sand and dunes, and it really delivers in that department. It’s also comfortable, thanks to the 2-ply construction.

I tried the 32×12-15 on my Can-Am Maverick X3, which is a light off-road vehicle. It works great, but it can be difficult to steer because of the large knobs, especially when going around tight corners. However, the sand doesn’t really affect the handling and it’s very stable.

One thing that I was disappointed about, though, is the tread wear. The tread depth is really only around 0.75 inches deep, so it gets worn quickly.

The CST Sandblast tire will make for a comfortable ride in the sand, and it looks great on any light off-road vehicle.

2. Tusk Sand Lite® Rear Paddle Tire For CAN-AM Maverick X3

It is important to get the right tires for the terrain you intend to ride. If you’re going to be riding mostly in soft terrain, go with a lighter-weight tire. You will also want to consider the type of sand you are riding in and how much traction you need.

When it comes to Tusk Sand Lite® Rear Paddle Tire for Maverick X3, the manufacturer says that this rear paddle tire is designed to provide excellent traction but still maintain a light weight. It has three paddles that help with steering and balance.

I was skeptical at first when I heard that this was a 2 ply tire. But after giving it a try, I realized that it was definitely worth the risk.

The paddles have a height of 3/4 inch and a width of 11 inches. While I found that it was difficult to hook up the front two paddles, the rear paddle would hook up very easily.

I used it during a camping trip to the beach, and it was really smooth sailing. There were no worries about losing traction or spinning out.

While I haven’t yet taken it off the bike, I have already noticed that it’s extremely comfortable.

It will give you an awesome experience, regardless of the type of sand that you are riding.
Tusk makes great products, and they stand behind them. They have a lifetime warranty and an extensive catalog of products.

If you’re looking for a rear paddle tire that is comfortable and will keep you on the trail, you need to get this Tusk Sand Lite® Rear Paddle Tire for Maverick X3.

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